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Default xserver crash at startup


following problem:
if i try to use the nvidia module compiled by the nvidia installer, the xserver dont start up completly and stops at a specific point.
Thats shown in this nvidia_Xorg.0.log.
Also the systemlog shows something "interesting" (nvidia_system.log).
Even the nvidia-bugreport script hang up (nvidia_nvidia-bug-report.log).
Thats why i used the script again with the "nv" driver (nv_nvidia-bug-report.log).

System: Debian Etch
kernel: 2.6.12-1 (nothing selfmade, just debians kernel)
graphic: GeForce4 MX 160
nvidia: 8178

Well, if there is anything else need to know, just tell me and ill post it of course.
Would be happy, if anyone can help me, thanks in advantage.

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File Type: log nvidia_nvidia-bug-report.log (633 Bytes, 141 views)
File Type: log nv_nvidia-bug-report.log (81.7 KB, 147 views)
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