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Default Re: 8178 driver, VBLANK sync and CPU usage

Originally Posted by netllama
I've reproduced the first issue (glXWaitVideoSyncSGI() using 100% CPU) and opened bug 204753.
Fine. Happy to see I'm not the only one ;-)

Right now, this issue appears to be resolved in an internal development driver, so its likely that this issue will also be resolved in the next driver release.

I'll need you to provide a means of reproducing the other two issues that you listed, and I'll be happy to investigate them further.


OK. I'm going to write some code to reproduce the problems (black flashes and missing polygons with FSAA enabled and why not some sync to vblank testing so you can experiment a "low cpu usage" sync to vblank ;-)..Just kiding...

In mid time I had another bug... Sorry Lonni ....;-( This one is more serious. It's a freeze problem when starting Xorg. More to come soon on this...

Thanks for your commitment !
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