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Default Re: XVideo performance degradation with 8178

Originally Posted by netllama
The only odd thing that I see in your bug report is this:
cx88[1]/2: queue is empty - first active

What was the first driver version in which you experienced the XvMC hang? Are there any versions in which you have not experienced it?

Also, what kind of motherboard and BIOS version are you using?

It also wouldn't be a bad idea to update your system with all the latest FC4 updates.

Based on the cx88, I'd say those messages concern my pcHDTV card. They seem to occur when things are working, also.

I've had this problem with all versions I've tried with my MSI 6200 card. IIRC, I started with whatever version first listed the 6200 as a supported card. I have a GeForce Ti 4200, it worked fine with that exact same driver & settings (except using VGA, not TV out) when I temporarily swapped it into the system.

The motherboard is an Albatron KX400-8x with a AMD Athlon 2600+ processor. I'm not sure of the BIOS version.

My FC4 OS is no more than a couple of weeks out of date. There was a kernel update within the past few days I don't have, nothing else that seems relevant. I've had the same problem with several kernel revisions over the past couple of months since I installed the card.

I shouldn't have said XvMC, had a brain fart, the hang is when "sync to vblank" is on for video texture adapter.

XvMC doesn't work either, BTW, but I just get a black screen, it doesn't hang the system.
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