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Talking 6800 GT whips X800XT in Quake 4!!

Switched from ATI X800XT to Nvidia 6800 GT because of crappy Quake 4 performance.... man am I happy I did. Although some benchmarks show the X800XT faster in Quake 4, the real world does not agree. When you start the game and go into the the first room with windows, right before that monster blasts through the pipes and you get your first objective.... well, my ATI card would get max 29FPS in a certain spot (entry to window room, looking up from hallway) with 2XAA and HQ at 1024x768... and it would be real choppy in the room. The constant jumps from 60FPS to under 30FPS were driving me nuts. Well, now with the 6800 GT, the exact same spot is 47 - 49 FPS, and the window room is smooth as silk. The game runs smoother, and I'm a real happy camper. I will only miss Truform in Morrowind! And I will certainly NOT miss the slow and bloated Catalyst Control Center!
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