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Default Geforce FX 5200, 1080i video, and 800x600 screen


I have an FX5200 card that is being used with an SVGA display. When using mplayer with the -zoom and/or -fs options, all video plays on XV, correctly scaling to 800x600, letterboxing as necessary. The only problem is, if the video is 1920x1080i formatted, the output will not scale correctly. The aspect is stretched out horizontally, and will extend beyond the right edge of the real screen.

For example, a 4:3 image transmitted in a 16:9 1920x1080 stream will appear as something more like 16:9 stretched beyond the right edge. This looks a little silly.
A 16:9 image in 1920x1080 just stretches past the right edge, making it wider than 16:9, making heads fat, as does the previous scenario. If this is so, the scaling happening could be 1920x1080 -> 900x600.

Note that if I attach a high resolution VGA monitor, running the X server in 720p will result in 1080i scaling correctly. I have not tried other modes, such as XVGA.

Does anyone know why this happens only for 1080i? Is this a driver(bug) problem? Weird hardware limitation? I'm using 6629 and VGA.

Furthermore, does anyone know of a DVI capable card that can (i.e., tested)
-run without a fan
-have good power consumption at 2D graphics
-Output DVI 1920x1080 (progressive scan), considering also using reduced blanking?
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