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Default Is my 6600 fried? If it is then what caused it?

Hey there, I'm hoping you guys can help me figure this out because I can't get a hold of the "24 hour, 7 days a week" BFG Tech support for the life of me, I've been on hold for hours both yesterday and today...

So anyways I purchased a geforce 6600 GTOC from BFG 5 months ago and until yesterday it worked fine. I was playing a game and my comp hard crashed. I thought that was kinda weird but I rebooted and the display was totally messed. There's lines everywhere and everything is distorted. I tried re-seating the card and the boot up screen was clean and clear so I thought maybe that did it...but when it got to windows everything was still totally messed up.

According to the NV tool that came with the card I've never seen the temperature of the card get very high at all. I assume the card is fried and can be deemed worthless, I just wish I could get a hold of BFG, and I'd also like to know what the heck did this? I should mention that I installed an e-mu 0404 sound card recently, I guess that could have had something to do with it? Any help at all is greatly appreciated, thanks.

Windows XP Intel Pentium 4 3.0 ghz with 1.5 gigs of ram.

Some screenshots for your viewing pleasure :

Desktop :
6600 Settings Box :
6600 Settings Box after dragging it :

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