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Default Re: Is my 6600 fried? If it is then what caused it?

Originally Posted by agentkay
I agree, the PSU shouldnīt have caused it, it has plent of juice to run your system stable (IMO), unless of course it was meant to die, then it can take a few things with it to hell. Itīs still working though, so thats not it. You didnīt OC the 6600, right? If all your other hardware devices still work, then its pretty certain to me that your 6600 decided to die off. Itīs kinda odd how it happened, but I guess its always like that. You still have warrenty, so RMA it.

Good luck on the RMA replacement!
Yeah I reckon it will have to be RMA'd, good thing that it IS still under warrenty. I'm just as confused about this as you guys are, anyways thanks for the super fast replys! To answer your question though the card comes overclocked by BFG, but I didn't overclock it any further.
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