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Originally posted by muzz

Seems like a little favoritism to me.
That does not exist here

The talk about it WAS ALREADY HERE!!!! I DIDN'T BRING it here!!!!!
Just because the argument was already here does not mean you had to join in. We told everyone to stop and you jumped in afterwards to have your say. That is unaceptable.

Exactly what was I doing different than the rest of the crew here?
Refer to above

I spend alot of time in forums, and if I don't like something I walk away, I don't stick my nose into a subject that I either don't like or have any relevance just because I'm a long standing member.
but you just....but but!

I guess I get no respect because of my puny post count.... bah that means NOTHING.
We do not judge people by their post count here either.

Please clue me in to what is "ACCEPTABLE" behavior around here, so I know just how thin the line is........
You mean the rules? Check the open forum for them. If you wish to discuss this further pm me.
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