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Default Re: Xinerama, with acceleration

Originally Posted by netllama
According to your bug report, you're not using Xinerama (its commented out in your xorg.conf). Was this bug report generated while the problem you're reporting was present?

Beyond that, I have a few questions:
0) Does this problem reproduce with 1.0-8178?
1) Why are you using the ConnectedMonitor option?
2) Per the NVIDIA README, please remove the dri and GLCore X modules from your X configuration. They are incompatible with the X nvidia driver.

for that particular test, I ran

startx -- :1 +xinerama
0) I am using kubuntu linux for the amd64 archetecture, and the 1.0-8178 module is not avalable, and I don't have things set up to build it from source

1) I am using the CommectedMonitor option, to force my flat panel as display0, the graphics card default is to have DVI as display1 and VGA as display0

3) I just did and the results remain the same.

oh, and one other iteresting tidbit, when I'm running in xinerama, nvidia-settings only recognizes one display. and it sometimes causes my computer to freeze when I'm running xinerama and switch to console, and back or to another x server.

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