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Default GeForce Go 6200 and Video Ram problems

I have bought a labtop with a nVidia GeForce Go 6200 video chip and with 254MB of Video Ram. I have installed SuSE 10 x86_64 Linux on the labtop together with the "Linux AMD64/EM64T version 1.0-8178" nVidia graphic driver. The driver functions; I get the nVidia splash screen and my GUI (KDE) runs smoothly.
My problem is; when I use the nvidia-settings program, it tells me that the labtab only has 64MB video ram. So now I have my doubts that the driver do not use the whole video ram, but only 64MB of the 256MB available.
I would like to ask the forum; if there is a way to control the video ram the driver makes available and if so, how to change it.
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