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Default Re: Odd resolution on primary monitor

Hello again,

Very shortly after I posted my last message below, I tried from scratch by letting nvidia-xconfig generate a xorg.conf file for me, with the twinview option specified. When I restarted X, it came up using both monitors correctly, but at the default res of 1024x768 on both. I went into the conf and manually changed the Metamode to 1920x1200 for both, and it reverted back to what it was doing before (see first post in this thread).

I changed the metmodes so that both the 1920 res and the 1024 res are both listed, but it still doesn't work, and I cannot switch between modes with Ctrl-Alt + or -.

Also, when I move my console partly off of the edge of the screen on the 2405FPW (the side that is not being used correctly), I get odd lines and colours in the console. This goes away when I move it fully back onto the screen.

Attached my latest xorg.conf and bug report.

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