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Default Re: Ultima Online: A review

UO has and will always be famous for its PVP.. It was never great at graphics but it gives a uncontrolled world were anyone can be anything they want. You can be a farmer and grow plants or a cloth maker or whatever you want to be in UO.. And it never ends.

The PVP is the best of any game.

Lake Superior is where UO came from. Many of the legends and old school players from LS left OSI shards and we have them all gathered to run and play on An Corp.

The shard's PVP system is never touched or the integrity of it. We never allow artifacts or any item blessing. Factions is alive and so is PVP like players will remember it from the old days before Powerscrolls, artifacts, and items based pvp.

For outside of fighting we have many systems. Paintball, CTF, Player run tournament system with stadium, Poker and gambling, Public Duel Pits,

An Corp has our own unique champ spawns with new champs. We have new dungeons and creatures. New tamables and much much much more.

The staff are experienced with over 7 years of UO under their belts. GM and up are not allowed to have player chars and we have an Admin whos sole job is investigating GM and Admin actions to make sure there is no unfair actions.

We have some of the best players and pvpers the game has ever known.

We have daily and weekly events as well as numerous tournaments and faction wars.

Right now we are sponsoring a Hall of Fame Duel Tournament that will award many prizes on An Corp as well as 10 Mil in gold on any OSI shard as well.

Dont miss out on this flash back to the Glory days of UO.

Play An Corp... UO the way is should be.
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