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Default Re: Ultima Online: A review

An Corp has never offered mass incentives to come play our shard like we are now! This will not last forever and is in light of the mass push we have seen for people to come and play with us. We have been receiving some 20 players a week minimum joining our shard. We have a large tournament scheduled in late January that will host many of the best players ever to play the game of UO. We have Advanced Character Gates that help you in both skills and stats to get on your way to having a 7x GM Char.

Guilds: If you and your guild would like to move to An Corp, you will receive a guild house, a GM decorated guild stone of your design, 5k each reagent, 5k bandages, 5k arrows, and a check for 50k to each member to join with your guild. A minimum of 5 separate people must join with your guild to be awarded this incentive program. Each account will be verified against IP to avoid attempts to manipulate the program.

Shards: If you own or operate your own UO Freeshard and for whatever reasons decide you would like to close your shard and move to An Corp, you will receive the following:

- An opportunity to continue working as a staff member with An Corp,
after being interviewed by current staff of An Corp.
- Compensation for your players on a case by case basis. Lets face it.
Some players have been playing your shard from the start and some
barely have 50k or a day invested. When you bring your shard here we
will discuss with you a proper incentive for each of your players and
for yourself. Just email us at to discuss your

Players who start on their own with us will have the opportunity to receive a reward from a GM upon completing a 7x GM Character. Just page a gm when you have finished one. Your name is recorded so please don't try to manipulate the system. There has never been a better time to join An Corp and make us your home shard. We have unique animals, monsters, dungeons, lands, and much much more. We have not touched or messed with the PVP on our shard so it is just like you remember it from UOR and before. Come and join a shard that literally beats OSI. An Corpů The way UO should be.
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