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Default NO drivers installed yet and X acts a bit funny

I am a complete and utter newbie to Linux. I have just recently installed Mandrake 8.0,... soon to install 9.0. My problem is X will work, its just doesn't display properly at all. I click the start menu (I guess thats what its called?) and only the icons will appear. Windows that I have closed or no longer looking at stay on top of everything else, and some windows I cannot see anything. Should I install drivers for my graphics card or will that not clear up my problem?

PS- I have no idea how to install this,... what other then the two files on the Nvidia webpage to download,... basically explain it to me as simple as you possibly can?

Sys specs
AMD 1.67ghz
512 sys ram
GeForce 3 Ti200 128 video card (128 megs ram)
Sound Blaster Live 5.1
52x Creative CD-Rom, Generic 48x16x48 CD-RW
60gig HD (IBM Deskstar)
13gig HD in Mobile Rack (Western Digital)
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