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Default Re: 8178 driver, VBLANK sync and CPU usage

Originally Posted by ReimarD
I sure hope that at least in this case the MPlayer code is clean :-)
I hope too ! (and after a look at it, I'm quite sure ;-)

Anyway, it uses glXSwapIntervalSGI (GLX_SGI_swap_control extension), since I never got GLXWaitVideoSync to work (probably stupidty on my part).
Correct me if I'm wrong, but both extensions have the same goal (with differents calls and features: GLXWaitVideoSync seems more flexible than glXSwapIntervalSGI).

Mplayer uses one extension, and I use another in my sources. Both extensions lead to a 100% CPU usage problem. So it's not an "extension" problem: the driver has a bug regarding refresh and vblank. That's all !

Hope this will be fixed soon
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