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Lightbulb Simple Idea: Why not program the ATSC modes right into the driver?

More and more people are connecting their nVidia card to their TVs.

The analog out has built-in modes. I.E. HD720p, HD1080i, HD1080p, etc. They eliminate all sorts of guess work and work like a champ. Sure if there is overscan or other problems, someone can come up with a custom Modeline. But they get you to a known working point (ATSC spec).

The digital side (DVI) is missing this simple feature. More and more people are connecting their HD equipment to the nVidia card. The first hurdle they face is getting the modeline right. Why do I need to know the exact timing of ATSC?

I have read the Modeline spec. I rather do taxes than read that again.

ATSC timing and stuff is all standarized. My cable box does not have a problem sending out ATSC output. Why do I have to become an expert in ATSC timing to get a simple image to display on my TV?

nVidia, please, please, pretty please. With sugar on top. Just program the ATSC modes right into the driver. It will solve a lot of problems: for you and the people who try to use your products.


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