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We are tolerant Solomon. Ever since GFFX reviews our forums filled with people who like to break rules. This wasn't happening before (at least to that extent). We always kept our forums constructive, and it will stay that way whether people agree with our agenda or not.

Whoever doesn't like that idea can leave, plain and simple

NO MORE, don't bother replying to my post. If you want to discuss my views PM me, or start another thread 'volt sucks' or what not.

*points at the thread title*
[b]Optimization guidelines by Koji Ashida of NVIDIA:[/b][list][*]Use fx12 instructions whenever possible[*]Use lowest pixel shader version[/list][url=]source[/url]

[size=1]The politics are invading the technology. We don't really like to mess with politics because that kind of adversarial relationship has nothing to do with pure technical operations and the technical specifications of what we like to play with, the hardware![/size]
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