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Default Re: not able to drive ibm t221 3840x2400 screen with 81.78 (was ok with 76.76)

Originally Posted by EasyPrey
nVidia updated their validation routine for the video cards.

It greatly effects the DVI's output clock. My card went down from 400Mhz (DVI clock) to 155MHz DVI clock. Just try to look for "clock" in your Xorg.0.log. I bet it went down below 211.2 MHz (needed to drive your display).

This forum is littered with casualties (from this "bug fix"). Join the club.

I just hope nVidia is going to remove this "feature" soon.

Oh, ok, and there is no mean to force this badly calculated max dvi clock ?,
like the edid values ?

Why does the validation routine for the video cards is not the same as in the windows drivers, where it just nicely works since ever ?

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