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Default Re: Geforce 6200 Pcie 256 slow on games

System Specs

A64 3200 venice
512 x 2 Corsair Value 1T
maxtor 80gb sata
Foxconn NF4UK8AA-8EKRS
6200 TC 81.92

I have the 6200 TC (supporting 256mb, 64mb actual) and it actually runs the games I play at a descent framerate.

It plays HL2 and CS:S @ 800 x 600 in DX9 mode w/ high settings.

BF2 runs at 800 x 600 but w/ everything but textures set to low which is medium. Most of you might cringe at this but the scenery actually looks okay imo. Moreover, gameplay is relatively smooth during 64 player Karkland, Wake etc.

I know most of you would never even dare to touch these resolutions as 1280 has become the norm but my standard for playbility is really low as i have played with low end cards for the longest time. Using a tnt2 m64 while others have used Ti 4600s, then 5900's, and finally 6800's really humbled me.

Of course, this doesnt mean i am wholly content as i really want a 7800GT...
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