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Default New Guy needs help

Hi All
Non gamer with problem.
MSI pcfx5200-vt128 updated drivers & now no post
AMI post error 8 beeps (display memory error).
Guess my card just died.
Need recommendation for a new card wth same or better functionallity.
4x/8x agp w/dual vga, tv tuner, nView and Personal Cinema.

Current system:
MSI box w/KT6 delta-LSR MS 6590 v2.0 ATX
ADM athlon XP K7 Barton 2500, 1.10 Ghz socket-a
Xerox 1Gb PC2700, 2x166 ub
AMI bios, VIA cs, Samsung SP1604N IDE 150Gb, 7200rpm
Fortron FSP400-60PNU ps - 3 fans
4xdvd,52cr cdrw
MS XP Pro, SP2

Any advice?
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