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Default Re: 7667 issues; black screen/ X windows crashing

I'm experiencing a similar issue. I'm running the GeForce 6600 in a knoppMyth distribution (Debian). I get the same black screen then the system locks up. It sometimes takes a few minutes for the system to lock hard. If I use the 'nv' driver, the system boots, tries to start X, then displays a message the it can't start X and leaves me at a login. I logged in and ran the bug report, then changed the driver to 'nvidia' and tried to start gdm. That caused the black screen/lockup issue. I had started an ssh session prior to that which allowed me to run the bug report after the x server had crashed.

I can't upload the log files since they are both over 100k. Any suggestions to limit the size of these files so I can get them to you?

I'm new to this type of troubleshooting so any assistance would be helpful.

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