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Default Re: DPMS+Go5200 monitor suspend,standby,off not working properly

Thanks for replying.

Originally Posted by bigsur2k4
I've also added this line to /etc/modutils/aliases:
options nvidia NVreg_SoftEDIDs=0 NVreg_Mobile=1
The NVreg_Mobile=1 parameter is for Dell laptops, not for Toshiba. Here's the table in NVidia's README:
    Value                              Meaning
    -------------------------------    -------------------------------
    0xFFFFFFFF                         let the kernel module auto
                                       detect the correct value
    1                                  Dell laptops
    2                                  non-Compal Toshiba laptops
    3                                  all other laptops
    4                                  Compal Toshiba laptops
    5                                  Gateway laptops
Could you try with NVreg_Mobile=2?
But I have never need NVreg_Mobile in past versions of the NVidia driver. I see no reason why it is needed now...
Also, have you tried 8178?
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