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Default 8178: kernel oops when starting X on 2.6.11-20a (SuSE 9.3)

I have installed nvidia drivers 8178 on SuSE 9.3. with default kernel (2.6.11-20a). My hardware is a dell inspiron 8100 laptop with a gforce 2 go.

I used the download from I have used precompiled drivers and also tried it with driver that I compiled myself. Same problem in both cases.

Installation without problems
modprobe nvidia without problems.

Starting X (startx -- -logverbose 5) leads to a black screen. The computer doesn't respond to keyboard any more. However, I can login via ssh.

dmesg reports a kernel oops:

nvidia: no version for "struct_module" found: kernel tainted.
nvidia: unsupported module, tainting kernel.
nvidia: module license 'NVIDIA' taints kernel.
ACPI: PCI Interrupt Link [LNKA] enabled at IRQ 11
PCI: setting IRQ 11 as level-triggered
ACPI: PCI interrupt 0000:01:00.0[A] -> GSI 11 (level, low) -> IRQ 11
NVRM: loading NVIDIA Linux x86 NVIDIA Kernel Module 1.0-8178 Wed Dec 14 16:22:51 PST 2005
nvidia: unsupported module, tainting kernel.
ACPI: PCI interrupt 0000:01:00.0[A] -> GSI 11 (level, low) -> IRQ 11
NVRM: loading NVIDIA Linux x86 NVIDIA Kernel Module 1.0-8178 Wed Dec 14 16:22:51 PST 2005
agpgart: Found an AGP 2.0 compliant device at 0000:00:00.0.
agpgart: Putting AGP V2 device at 0000:00:00.0 into 4x mode
agpgart: Putting AGP V2 device at 0000:01:00.0 into 4x mode
Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 000000f4
printing eip:
*pde = 00000000
Oops: 0000 [#1]
Modules linked in: nvidia subfs usbserial thermal fan button battery nfsd ac exportfs cpufreq_userspace acpi_cpufr
eq speedstep_lib freq_table processor ipv6 snd_pcm_oss snd_mixer_oss edd joydev sg st sr_mod evdev e100 mii snd_ma
estro3 sd_mod scsi_mod snd_ac97_codec ohci1394 snd_pcm ieee1394 snd_timer snd uhci_hcd yenta_socket rsrc_nonstatic
pcmcia_core soundcore usbcore snd_page_alloc i8xx_tco intel_agp agpgart pci_hotplug parport_pc lp parport dm_mod
reiserfs ide_cd cdrom ide_disk piix ide_core
CPU: 0
EIP: 0060:[<d1cde04a>] Tainted: PF U VLI
EFLAGS: 00213287 (
EIP is at _nv003918rm+0x7ca/0x198c [nvidia]
eax: 00000000 ebx: ce7d9400 ecx: cbc03000 edx: 00000000
esi: 00000000 edi: c1efbc75 ebp: c1efbc8c esp: c1efbaf4
ds: 007b es: 007b ss: 0068
Process X (pid: 6604, threadinfo=c1efa000 task=cc0ce040)
Stack: 00000000 00000000 00000004 d1c7e3b6 cbb44400 cbc03000 cce22800 d1c7e3b6
cce2281c 0000002e c1efbb3c 0000000d 00000001 cbc03000 cceb1800 cceb1000
cbb44400 cce22800 cc18a800 d1dd423d 00000000 00000080 c5b8a600 00000000
Call Trace:
[<d1c7e3b6>] _nv002423rm+0x26/0x2c [nvidia]
[<d1c7e3b6>] _nv002423rm+0x26/0x2c [nvidia]
[<d1dd423d>] _nv005103rm+0x19/0x40 [nvidia]
[<d1c8e7ea>] _nv002306rm+0x1a/0x6c [nvidia]
[<d1dd37c3>] _nv004906rm+0x8f/0x9c [nvidia]
[<d1dd39fe>] _nv004947rm+0x6a/0x7c [nvidia]
[<d1d6f74c>] _nv000389rm+0x24/0x28 [nvidia]
[<d1d6f71f>] _nv000426rm+0x1f/0x28 [nvidia]
[<d1d6c1ee>] _nv000387rm+0x4e/0x58 [nvidia]
[<d1dd59b9>] _nv004936rm+0x51/0x90 [nvidia]
[<d1dd5750>] _nv005120rm+0x74/0x80 [nvidia]
[<d1c7e3b6>] _nv002423rm+0x26/0x2c [nvidia]
[<d1c7e3e4>] _nv002417rm+0x28/0x30 [nvidia]
[<d1cdc03d>] _nv003919rm+0x33d/0x1228 [nvidia]
[<d1c7e230>] _nv002428rm+0x38/0x50 [nvidia]
[<d1c8e710>] _nv001820rm+0xe4/0x150 [nvidia]
[<d1c8ebef>] _nv002217rm+0x63/0x84 [nvidia]
[<d1ce81dd>] _nv001373rm+0x5d/0x27c [nvidia]
[<d1ce83be>] _nv001373rm+0x23e/0x27c [nvidia]
[<d1d8168e>] _nv005765rm+0xfe/0x10c [nvidia]
[<d1d6b1da>] _nv006332rm+0x1a/0x20 [nvidia]
[<d1dd512c>] _nv005126rm+0x1c4/0x208 [nvidia]
[<d1dd511d>] _nv005126rm+0x1b5/0x208 [nvidia]
[<d1dd4cd8>] _nv004917rm+0x34/0x7c [nvidia]
[<d1dd4d0b>] _nv004917rm+0x67/0x7c [nvidia]
[<d1c6e07f>] _nv005062rm+0x53/0x5c [nvidia]
[<d1c7d8dc>] _nv002448rm+0x58/0x100 [nvidia]
[<d1d6fa3f>] _nv000433rm+0xd3/0xec [nvidia]
[<d1c8fe5e>] _nv001658rm+0x6e/0x104 [nvidia]
[<d1c8fe55>] _nv001658rm+0x65/0x104 [nvidia]
[<d1c93453>] _nv001629rm+0x6b/0xac [nvidia]
[<d1c90661>] _nv001664rm+0x139/0x41c [nvidia]
[<d1c90781>] _nv001664rm+0x259/0x41c [nvidia]
[<d1c90771>] _nv001664rm+0x249/0x41c [nvidia]
[<d1c94b72>] rm_init_adapter+0x5e/0x8c [nvidia]
[<d1c94b66>] rm_init_adapter+0x52/0x8c [nvidia]
[<d1c6409e>] nv_kern_open+0x158/0x1d7 [nvidia]
[<c0158bc7>] chrdev_open+0x87/0x110
[<c0150848>] dentry_open+0x148/0x1b0
[<c01506ee>] filp_open+0x3e/0x50
[<c015060c>] sys_chown+0x3c/0x50
[<c01509d1>] sys_open+0x31/0x80
[<c0102c49>] sysenter_past_esp+0x52/0x79
Code: a4 83 c4 fc 83 c4 f8 53 8b 45 08 50 e8 ec 70 00 00 50 6a 18 8b 95 9c fe ff ff 52 8b 42 18 ff d0 89 c6 83 c4
20 83 c4 f8 6a 00 56 <8b> 86 f4 00 00 00 ff d0 8b 85 94 fe ff ff c1 e8 04 8a 44 28 ec

It seems to me that the report of archangelis in thread "1.0-8174 for Linux x86 released" (#138 and #150) relates to the same problem.

Also I had the same problem in generating the bug report file: I had to take out the line
append_glob "/proc/driver/nvidia/cards/*" because reading from this file locks the reading process.

I send my bug log file by separate mail to nvidia because this forum won't let me attach files larger than 100 kB and has produced files larger than that. This limit is too strict.
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