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Exclamation Re: Simple Idea: Why not program ATSC modes right into the driver?

I agree that xorg people can do more. But it is obvious from your statement that you have never dealt with them.

Well, they just did a .1 update to their software. It took them over a decade to do that! Please see

"Radical ideas" like you should not be an expert in video frame timing is lost on them. Their firm belief is that if you cannot put a scope to measure your monitor's refresh timing. You are too stupid to use a computer. WTF?

According to them, everyone needs to know the internal frame timing of a video frame. You just can't tell them 1024x786@60 Hz. That would make too much sense. No, users _have_ to know what are the sync timing (even though xorg can calculate it very easily in the driver).

The latest ATSC spec (rev (A/53), Revision D) is is a nice 104 page document. I suggest you read that, if you are ever having a problem sleeping. It is guaranteed to put you to sleep.

Back to the discussion. Sure xorg can do that (might take them 2 or 3 decades). But the nVidia driver can do it as well. It already does it for the analog output. Thats right. You don't need a modeline for that. nVidia takes care of that.

Why not extend the same courtesy to the digital signal as well?

Why do I have to became and expert in front porch and back porch timing just to display a simple image on my TV?

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