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Default Re: Geforce FX 5200, 1080i video, and 800x600 screen

I disagree with that statement for a couple of reasons. First, my monitor aspect _is_ 4:3. Setting monitoraspect = 16:9 would only remove letterboxing, and make the image stretch vertically to fill the screen.

Second, my distortion is horizontal, causing the video to be the correct height, but too wide for the screen. This leads me to conclude that the stretching algorithm in use does not remove enough pixels in the horizonal (though it does in the vertical). Software scalers fix this, but performance obviously is not good.

mplayer ... -vf scale=800:600 scales both 720p and 1080i to 1066:600 which may be indicative as to why the hw scaler does this (the resultant surface for 1080i is 1066:600?)
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