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Originally posted by Cotita
If I remember correctly, hard ocp won't be using 3dmark03 at all, beyond3d won't post final scores (like they do with 3dmark01), a few others are "evaluating" it and some others like tech report will include it in their set of benchmarks.

There has been rumors that one of the main reasons why nvidia stepped out from 3dmark03 is because futuremark refused to use CG for its pixel shader tests and used assembly instead.
A.) Beyond3D, as a general rule, does not use the final score from any version. You may find it in a few reviews (dunno, haven't looked at all of the other reviewers reviews) but it certianly won't have been used in mine or Rev's in the past year or so.

B.) Why would Futuremark use Cg in the first place? 3DMark is a DX benchmark and considering DX has its own HLSL it would frankly look very odd if they even thought about using Cg!
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