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Default Gefore 7800 gt wont even launch sax2 in SUSE 10.0

Alrighty, i don't know what to do.

I just finished building this system but i can't even get the OS to load up properly.

The graphical installer with SuSE 10.0 worked fine and the log-in screen appears to be ok, but as soon as the Gnome desktop attempts to load the screen glitches up and freezes leaving mymouse still working tho.

It sounds like the X freezing problem others have had, but i can't even load Sax2, as that does the same freeze up gitch up bit). The newest nvidia drivers do not fit on a floppy disk to my knowledge, correct?

CPU: Opteron 170
Mother board: epox 9NPA+ SLI(latest bios sept 05)
Video card: EVGA 7800 GT
Ram: 2 gig G SKills ddr500
OS: SUSE 10.0 64bit
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