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Default Re: nvmixer & PCM output sound control

Originally Posted by Lithorus
Now, what's wrong with your DE's own mixer? (eg. gnome-volume-manager)

Same problem... no pcm (Lnx 2.6.15 [1.0-7 nvidia sound driver])
Try to handle the xmms volume control with the pcm (xmms default setting) if u can Answer: U cant becouse pcm dont exist, then u need force the xmms volume settings 4 that xmms use the master volume.

Originally Posted by debian_penguin
djalma, does your soundcard detect wether the headphones jack is plugged or not? Or, at least, can you set the headphones volume, or toggle speakers mute without muting also the headphones?
Sorry, I havn't got a headphone connector attached to the mb. I only use the lineout jack.

PD: Sorry 4 my very bad english

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