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Default Re: NForce-audio, using nvsound with NForce 430

I've been doing a little reading on modules.conf. Just to stay focused on what is important, forget about modules.conf. Its not that important. All that modules.conf does is give you a convinient way of referencing your modules. Alias lines allow you to refer to a module by another name. So NVidia's lines let you do `modprobe sound-slot-0` and the nvsound module will be loaded. Of course the user would never do this, but a program (maybe the kernel) could request that sound-slot-0 be loaded, and the right thing would happen without the requesting program needing to know what sound driver you wanted to use.

Aliasing to 'off' prevents the module from ever being loaded. In this case we don't want the intel drivers loading. The install and remove commands run when the module is inserted and removed and for just saving mixer settings.

What this means for testing is that the module.conf settings can be ignored. If you are doing `modprobe nvsound` manually, then you don't need any help from modules.conf. Similarly we don't need the lines about mixer settings since our problems are a little more basic than that. As long as you are not running ALSA you shouldn't have problems with modules being loaded accidentally (like the intel modules).

Just thought I'd mention that, since I spent a lot of time worrying about whether I had modules.conf correct, not realizing it was a convinience, not a requirement.
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