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Originally posted by StealthHawk
yes...and most current games are cpu intensive as well. so what's your point?
point is that it's supposed to be a video card benchmark, not a cpu benchmark, you can take a 9700pro and a 2 ghz system and get a score on 3dmark2001, now take the same 9700pro and put it on a 3 ghz system and what is the score? A substantial improvement. Do the same for 3dmark03, what happens? The score is close to the same. Because it is a benchmark of graphics.

the name of the company is FUTUREmark, one can only hope that games look that way in the future, hopefully they will make games using the same technology that made 3dmark03. Can you imagine the card that will run that thing smooth? It is a good goal for the graphics industry and I believe it will become a standard. I know I will take it into consideration, but not base a purchase on it. Anyone who says " I don't care what it gets in 3dmark03" when purchasing a new card will be a.)lying or b.) a fool.
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