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Default Re: Weird Graphics Problem with PNY 6800GT

Its not the card.

Its the MB i think.

I have a 6800GT had EXACTLY these problems and got the card replaced - it still happened. Interestingly i have a biostar k8vha pro so that would seem to be common denominator. The cooling thing is just wrong. Mine doesnt get above 60 even at max load. (see my next point as to why i think its not cooling!)

Interestingly this doesnt happen to me with drivers before 61.72 (msi's own version) but with all ones after this. (If it was cooling why on earth would later drivers make the problem appear) I thinking its some kind of driver conflict with the relevent video drivers , the mb drivers (AGP controller per chance), the card bios and quite possibly some feature of DirectX 9.0c.

I've got my card nice and cool (its in a Antec Sonata II case with the 120mm fan runnnig full speed - a zalman cooler on the cpu at full speed , and the adjustable fan controller at full speed on the gpu itself - its doesnt get hot by normal standards even runnnig FEAR at top whack)

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