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Default 64 bit Intel, SUSE 10 & GeForce 6600 GT


Trying to get dual monitors working on my 64 bit Intel, running Suse 10 and a GeForce 6600GT.

I've installed the latest driver - When I ran the install, all of the words were mashed together with no spaces. The buttons kept jumping around the screen as well. After some work, I think it's all installed fine - it runs in single monitor mode.

So - start up SaX2. Every time it comes up, a dialog appears: "Some packages are missing. Install the missing packages now"? - I select "yes" every time...

Ok - now I've got the Card and Monitor Properties dialog up, and it only shows a tab for "Display 1" - I'm assuming there should be two tabs there - no?

Any thoughts on how to get SaX to recognize the other monitor port on the video card?

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