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Default Re: Weird problem with nVidia drivers

Ok, I'll give it a try.

This is my second Fedora Core 4 installation on the same computer, so I know how the thing performed before. I'm unable to get the same performance from my current installation, and I don't understand why. I'll try to describe the symptoms, and maybe it will lighten the problem up a bit.

3D performance seems to be OK. I can play TuxRacer just fine, glxgears show a conservative average of ~500 FPS (which by itself isn't much -- my previous installation used to show something around 1500 FPS). However on 2D screen, e.g. when playing movie in mplayer, when GDM screen shows up and is redrawn, or when application window is resized, there can be seen a horizontal line dividing already rendered area from what just didn't get rendered "in time". It's just a blink of an eye -- it's not like it redraws a frame per second, but anyway, the desktop isn't that responsive as it used to be. It's just "slower" somehow. Looks to me like if 2D wasn't accelerated.
(In glxgear it looks like if the top half of wheels were rotated one or two degrees more than the bottom half.)

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