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Default Update to 1.3

Minor update:
The alsa downloads now exactly match the alsa directions (spotted by Peter Saturley). If anyone had problems with the sound by following the directions to a T, then maybe this will help you.
Also, updated the a7n8x.config file in the a7n8x.tar.gz file that I provided. This will remove the annoying miropcm.o module warning on boot, and should work up to 2.4.21-pre4-ac6 without modification.
A typo fixed.

Also, I've given up on 2.5.x series kernel for now til nVidia releases their next set of drivers. The good news is that it seems that they will be supporting Redhat 8.1's new kernel features (or at least NPTL). Hopefully these drivers will work decently with the 2.5.x series as well.

By the way... has nobody tested 4/5/6 speaker audio yet? If anyone out there has, can you post whether or not it was successful or not?

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