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Default Re: Installing Driver for Nvidia 6600 GT on Suse 10, 64 bit


the PC is from the company Medion, and according to several forums and newspapers, it ships with a 6600 GT that pretends to be a 6700 XL. Obviously, to Medion this sounds nicer.

However: I would think that this cannot be the problem. Otherwise I wouldn't have had 3D in the first place, right? Also, the NVidia-drivers work very well in Windows XP. (Also, Medion does not offer any Linux-Support, because the PC does have a preinstalled XP, but not a preinstalled Suse).

The first error in SaX.log is "Failed to inititialize the GLX module", the second one is about not being able to receive interrupts. Maybe after initializing the glx module the second error does not occur anymore. But what is the reason for the not-initialized glx module?

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