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Default Re: Installing Driver for Nvidia 6600 GT on Suse 10, 64 bit

If the only problem was loading the GLX module, you should be able to temporarily comment it out in your X configuration, and X should start up fine. Is that the case? If so, then we can focus on fixing the GLX module issue, however I doubt that the GLX module failure is the root of your problems. At the end of your bug report I see:
NVRM: loading NVIDIA Linux x86_64 NVIDIA Kernel Module 1.0-8178 Wed Dec 14 16:58:07 PST 2005
irq 145: nobody cared (try booting with the "irqpoll" option)
Call Trace: <IRQ> <ffffffff801653a5>{__report_bad_irq+53} <ffffffff8016561a>{note_interrupt+538}
<ffffffff80164da3>{__do_IRQ+259} <ffffffff80111c48>{do_IRQ+72}
<ffffffff8010f320>{ret_from_intr+0} <EOI> <ffffffff88562cf3>{:nvidia:_nv001909rm+39}
<ffffffff886b202b>{:nvidia:_nv003988rm+31} <ffffffff886b202b>{:nvidia:_nv003988rm+31}
<ffffffff887629bb>{:nvidia:_nv000817rm+15} <ffffffff887616d2>{:nvidia:_nv000828rm+180}
<ffffffff8857559e>{:nvidia:_nv008224rm+0} <ffffffff8856015b>{:nvidia:_nv001754rm+169}
<ffffffff885601b6>{:nvidia:_nv001753rm+10} <ffffffff88574fcd>{:nvidia:_nv008236rm+641}
<ffffffff88579106>{:nvidia:rm_init_adapter+104} <ffffffff88792655>{:nvidia:nv_kern_open+616}
<ffffffff80195543>{chrdev_open+387} <ffffffff8018b5b4>{dentry_open+260}
<ffffffff8018b734>{filp_open+68} <ffffffff8018a9b3>{get_unused_fd+227}
<ffffffff8018b812>{sys_open+82} <ffffffff8010ed7e>{system_call+126}
[<ffffffff883344b0>] (azx_interrupt+0x0/0x180 [snd_hda_intel])
[<ffffffff882c0c50>] (usb_hcd_irq+0x0/0x70 [usbcore])
Disabling IRQ #145
NVRM: RmInitAdapter failed! (0x12:0x2b:1438)
NVRM: rm_init_adapter(0) failed

Regardless of what is happing with WindowsXP, a 6700GL is not supported in 1.0-8178, and there's an IRQ problem on your system in Linux. The IRQ problem might be addressed per the instructions in the README. However, if you are truly using 6600GT hardware with a VBIOS that identifies itself as a 6700GL, then I can't predict how the Linux driver is going to treat this card.

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