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Default Re: 7667 issues; black screen/ X windows crashing


Thanks for your reply...

0 - I've compiled a kernel with the same .config less the preempt stuff and so far it's worked all day with no issues...

1 - I have an ASUS P5S800 with bios version 1016-007 (the latest from ASUS).

2 - Started as soon as I got the OS up and running (first off Knoppmyth and now Gentoo) either watching live tv or a video of a recorded program the video would lock up and X would consume 100% cpu, after a short while the screen would go blank. Same thing happend with glxgears etc. looking throught the logs there would be; xid errors in syslog, nvidia wait errors in, and timed out waiting for video buffers in .xsession-errors log file. The nVidia log file I attached was done immediatly after such a crash.

So far however with the bog standard kernel without preempt all's well. I'll recompile a gentoo kernel without preempt and see how thing get on and report back...

Once again thanks...

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