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Default Re: Dual Booting With Linux in Raid

Originally Posted by seeker
I said that I had a motherboard on order, but I found out this morning that my supplier could not find his supplier, so I'm still looking. I sent an email to Gigabyte to find out if that motherboard is in production, because after spending most of the day, everybody said that the board was either not in production yet, or had been dropped. I'm still persisting, because it is the only motherboard that I have been able to find that has the features that I want.
Look at the GigaByte GA-2CEWH:
It runs CentOS 4.2.* x64 which is same as Redhat Enterprise Linux 4.2.* without the $upport contract$. It also runs MS Win*, etc... but it is not Mandriva or (k)Unbuntu friendly since neither of them have included the recent kernel patches(apparently).
Originally Posted by seeker
Apparently, the manufacturers have been dropping their AGP boards, forcing everyone to go PCIe, but that is something that I shall not do.
I can appreciate hanging onto AGP for budget sakes but it would be a huge mistake not to move to PCIe now if you can. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is going to be using AGP in the future. It is dead. PCI is on the deathwatch too although PCI-X is probably going to make it a long painful death.
And you can add PATA to the list with SCSI not far behind. SATA is already pushing them into the extreme low-end and high-end only markets, respectively. SCSI is mostly high-end anyway...

Originally Posted by seeker
Even if the Silicon Image Raid controller is run by software, maybe it can work okay...I will just have to find out for myself. I'm more than willing to accept that Areca and the other recommendations, as far as I'm concerned, are superior raid controllers, I can't spend $400 for one. Surely, there is a more affordable option that will work.
As you and I have found out somewhat painfully, the onboard controllers are not hardware raid controllers. They do setup with the hardware and offload the work to the CPU(s). BUT there is some across platform compatibility which beats none at all if you are going to use software RAID, right?

It may come as a surprise but the Areca is actually priced below most hardware raid solutions that boast such good transfer numbers. LSI(including Dell PERC) and Adaptec are or were twice as much...

The best solution for an individual or small company without huge demands is software RAID. It is the cheapest solution too.

I have my new 2CEWH up and running but it is going to be a while before I can start on HARM (again). I'll be using CentOS 4.2 x64 and Win2k Advanced Server for testing and hopefully it will just work.

And, BTW, spending 400USD on a RAID controller is not in my budget either. Besides, I would need the ARC-1220 and it is ~700USD which is definitely not in the budget at this time. I am still having sticker shock from the mobo, CPUs and graphics card...
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