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Default Re: Dual Booting With Linux in Raid

Originally Posted by kenyee
micro-ATX boards generally aren't as full featured as ATX sized server boards. The point was to get a board w/ onboard SAS RAID instead. You can still plug SATA drives into a SAS RAID controller.
Okay, I'll show my ignorance. I have never had a micro sized board, all of them are about 12x9.6 inches, so I guess that means that these were server sized. As far as the SAS RAID controller, from the very short glance that I took at Google, these appear to be separate controller I'm more than a little confused about this kind of option, because I have found Raid controller available from $50 and up. But, I assume that from your and fhj52's remarks, that the low priced controller would not do the job. In the past, I have had motherboards with raid functions that worked well enough in both Windows and that a thing of the past? In any case, I can not afford to spend $400 on this. If I were going to spend that kind of money, I could build a second tower for less, and run the two OSs on separate machines. I do understand that a person only gets what they pay for, but is this the least price for something workable?
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