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I don't believe they have to have nvidia on to be sucessful. Ati has the whole graphics market cornered, from value to highend, and probably will for a while. They will win over alot of enthusists in the next few months. 3dmark03 will become a standard.
This effort by Futuremark is like amature hour. The graphics look terrible, and the benchmarks are based on conjecture not fact. The 1999/2000/2001 efforts were great, but 2003 IS a disaster.

Futuremark, to be a valid benchmark needs ALL the big players on board. Right now the 3dmark03 benchmark has been deminished, and is not really the benchmark of choise anymore.

I don't know if Futuremark will ever come out with another valid benchmark, but I wish them luck because it's back to the drawing board.

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