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Default Pixel Clock

Hi, all,

Quick question regarding the pixel clock and resolutions. One of my co-workers has a GF4MX 440 with a DFP pixel clock of 135mhz, and a VGA pixel clock of 350mhz. I found that when I tried to hook up a 1680x1050 LCD (for reference, the Gateway FPD2185W) to his computer, his video card couldn't handle it - the error was about the pixel clock not being high enough.

On another computer, we've got a 7800GT. The LCD works perfectly fine there, pixel clock listed as 310mhz on the DFP. The Xorg.conf file was precisely the same for both computers. (HorizSync 31-70, VertRefresh 50-160).

What I can't understand is why he can take two 1600x1200 LCDs and drive them both with no problem at 60hz. Isn't 1600x1200 _greater_ than 1680x1050? Is there some sort of driver bug at work here?

Follow-up: what PCI and AGP nVidia cards can drive DVI at this resolution? We aren't adverse to spending some money to solve this. The cheaper, the better, though.


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