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Default 8178 Driver SuSE 10 Setup Question

I got the newest drivers loaded correctly, but I get the same display at the same time on my laptop's 17" widescreen display as I do on my TV (connected via S-Video), except that, obviously, the TV only shows a portion of what's on the laptop screen.

What I need to know is how to select just one or the other display and how to get the TV to display the correct resolution (and here's where I'm going to piss somebody off) like it does in XP when I switch the display. I believe that this is possible, but there is scant documentation on this and I've spent HOURS trying different things and scouring the net.

I know that there are a bunch of options in the SuSE display properties (which seem to be what would be listed in the xorg.conf file), there's no place to change anything in the NVidia X Server settings (though it does recognize that I have a TV connected - it shows up as TV-0).

I keep hearing about this xorg.conf file, but no one mentions WHERE to find this or what the possible options are.

I also installed the TV Out program and it doesn't ever seem to save any changes that I make to it, such as, whenever I start it, it reverts the TV to PAL, and none of the options neither explained or intuitive.

Any light that anyone could shed would be GREAT!!

Thanks in advance.
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