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Originally posted by creedamd
point is that it's supposed to be a video card benchmark, not a cpu benchmark, you can take a 9700pro and a 2 ghz system and get a score on 3dmark2001, now take the same 9700pro and put it on a 3 ghz system and what is the score? A substantial improvement. Do the same for 3dmark03, what happens? The score is close to the same. Because it is a benchmark of graphics.
i fully realize that 3dmark03 is a video card benchmark. the problem, as has been stated more times than i can count, is that it is called a gamer's benchmark.

it is not called a video card enthusiast benchmark. now that says to me that 3dmark03 should be indicative of future performance. like i said somewhere, we will see how Doom3 runs on all these cards. right now there is no proof one way or another that says 3dmark03 will or will not be indicative of games in the future.

Anyone who says " I don't care what it gets in 3dmark03" when purchasing a new card will be a.)lying or b.) a fool.
well like i said, we will see how Doom3 runs. if we don't see the performance pattern in Doom3 that 3dmark03 has, then i wouldn't care about the 3dmark03 score at all.

i never cared about my 3dmark2001 score. great, my friends with gf2mxes had pitiful scores compared to mine because they couldn't run the Nature test. and their cards choked in 32bit color. but i know that the gf2mx performed poorly compared to my card based on in-game benchmarks already. 3dmark2001 never meant anything compared to real games either. and how many games do i own that have special DX8 effects....hmm, zero.
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