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Default udev+nforce3: how to get audio to work???

hi folks!

i'm running kanotix2005-04 (debian unstable/sid), 2.6.14, kde3.5 now i and have an asus-k8n mainboard with an nforce3-chipset.
before that, on earlier versions of kanotix/debian, i already had problems to get the sound to work properly - although i strictly used the how-to-install-and-config (at the end i was always contented when i just heard anything! but not everything was working correctly..)!!

but now there's "udev" and this readme seems deprecated to me ...
has anyone an idea how i can install this device??

greets, phen

i have changed /etc/sysconfig/sound as follows:
and modprobed nvsound. after reboot kmix/nvmixer show much less options: no switches-tab, no surround-volume...but nvmixer shows "information" (name of chipset, driver-version etc.)

after resetting of the sound-file, reboot, kmix shows all options (as before install), but changing surround-volume (set switch to "channels 6") i still can't get surround-sound!!!

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