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Default Re: 3DMark05 with single X1800 XT

Originally Posted by Thumper
boy i tell you i post a 3d mark 05 score and all i get is griped at for not puting it in the other 05 post buy this guy every body is peach key with

thats a real welcoming for a new member

now thats a good score and what kind of memory are you using there with a 282 hrz clock i take its dual channel but what kind
Yeah, that's unfortunate. I noticed it but I've given up trying to redirect people to the proper forum or thread. It ends up taking too much time b/c no one ever seems to notice the stickies not to mention searching the forum first.

Edit: One last time.

We have a whole dedicated to 3DMark05 scores. Please see this thread and post your results there:
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