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Default Re: vesafb-framebuffer and multiheaded graphicadapters


I tried the vesafb-tng instead of the kernel-standard vesafb in the meantime. I set the "noedid"-option to make sure that the resolution is set when the projector is connected. Even this way I can't get the framebuffer to work when both devices (LCD and projector) are connected. 640x480 works, but any resolution higher is not possible. When I disconnect the projector, it works.

I also tried the utility fbset. Same here. As long as only the TFT is connected, I can set all resolutions I want, back and forth. Connecting the projector, too, leads to the errormessage "ioctl FBIOPUT_VSCREENINFO: Invalid argument". Searching the internet did not yield usable results for me... Perhaps you have an idea?

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