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Default HELP, PLEASE! tnt2 linux drivers

Ok. i'm getting mad trying to install some nvidia driver for my TNT2 card in my PC. i'm using mandriva 2006 linux with a new compiled kernel (2.6.14)...
i know i've to use drivers supporting TNT2, i've tried all of them, but the driver allways fails to build... i also tried with an older kernel 2.6.12 (one of mandrake's distribution)
old drivers, like 4349, (i think the ones designed for 2.4 kernels) stop installating saying they don't find modversions.h
new drivers, like 6629, (for 2.6, i think) are not able to build the kernel module... trying it by hand with 'make install' using the source i just see a long list of compilation errors.

i'll be glad if somebody can help me to solve this problem... i'll like to be able to use the graphic's card also with linux, not only with windows... please, help me!

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