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I'm confused.

Why is it nVidia's fault AGPGART doesn't support nforce2? Why is it nVidia's fault ATI drivers wont run in PCI mode? Why is it nVidia's fault they don't have an AGP module that programs an ATI card? Why is it nVidia's fault ATI hasn't made an AGP module as a workaround for thier GPU's.

If somebody could clear these things up for me in the relation to how the linux kernel actually works, it would be greatly appreciated. Because all I know (which may not be much) the nVidia GPU drivers have to bypass the built in kernel support to use NVAGP at all. How can nVidia expect ATI to write drivers for NVAGP?

Maybe if you guys are really concerned about this subject in everything i've seen stated here, maybe you shouldn't be using linux. Or maybe you should spend some more time over at bashing the developers there for the architecture of it all.

I'd just like a simple answer, yes I think the subject sucks and I'm on no sides, but from everything I know about linux, I can't find anywhere how nVidia is supposed to support ATI's GPU drivers without building thier own linux kernel for you to use. (or a patch against the kernel which would be a NIGHTMARE!) THEY CALL AGPGART ALONE!

(by the way, this is not windows, just in case you thought drivers worked like that under linux. Windows is standardized for things like this. Linux, unfortunatly is not. I bet this changes in time, but for the time being, this is how it works.)

maybe this will make it easier to understand, thier GPU drivers NVAGP supports these northbridges.
The following AGP chipsets are supported by NVIDIA's AGP; for all other

chipsets it's recommended that you use the AGPGART module.

o Intel 440LX

o Intel 440BX

o Intel 440GX

o Intel 815 ("Solano")

o Intel 820 ("Camino")

o Intel 830

o Intel 840 ("Carmel")

o Intel 845 ("Brookdale")

o Intel 845G

o Intel 850 ("Tehama")

o Intel 860 ("Colusa")

o AMD 751 ("Irongate")

o AMD 761 ("IGD4")

o AMD 762 ("IGD4 MP")

o VIA 8371

o VIA 82C694X

o VIA KT133

o VIA KT266

o RCC 6585HE

o Micron SAMDDR ("Samurai")

o Micron SCIDDR ("Scimitar")

o nForce AGP

o ALi 1621

o ALi 1631

o ALi 1647

o ALi 1651

o ALi 1671

o SiS 630

o SiS 633

o SiS 635

o SiS 645

o SiS 730

o SiS 733

o SiS 735

o SiS 745
why would nvidia support all these with thier AGP module if it were SIS, VIA, ALi, AMD, or Intel's problem? And it's only flaky on some systems, not mine which is AMD761.

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