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Default lockups w/ v1.0-8178 on amd64 x2 (fc4 2.6.14-1.1656_FC4smp)

I'm getting system hangs when running driver version 1.0-8178 with a PCIx Geforce 6200 card in an HP a1250n machine. The cpu is amd64 X2. Oddly, the lockups tend to happen when I'm running Firefox (Fedora/1.0.7-1.1.fc4 Firefox/1.0.7). A couple of times when the lockup occured, I notice the system monitor showing cpu usage spike and the UI gets steadily unresponsive, until the machine is totally locked. But usually the lockup happens quickly and completely.

No such problems runing the "nv" driver.

I've just installed the driver version that is one step older: 1.0-8174
So far, I'm still typing in firefox and no hang...fingers are crossed.

Oh yea, my monitor is a Dell 2405FPW (connected via DVI cable), running at 1920x1200 resolution. Kernel: fc4 2.6.14-1.1656_FC4smp

While my luck with v8174 is holding, I'd like to ask one other question:
In FC4, I can't select a resolution of 1920x1200 with "millions of colors", but only "thousands of colors", but with the exact same hardware under windoze, I can. Why is that? This video card grabs some memory from the system, but I don't see how to control how much. Is that part of the cause for the lower maximun res/color depth under linux?


Still typing, so maybe the older driver fixes the lockup.....
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