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Default 1.0-8178 black screen GeForce 5200/ nv vs nvidia

Hi folks,
Here's the skinny..

- On my Intel RedHat 7.2 + XFree 4.4, the latest nvidia driver w/ my new 5200 64MB is giving me a black screen upon issuing 'startx'. No mouse.
- Using xfree config file that nvidia-xconfig generated.
- CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE does not kill X; appears to have no effect.
- CTRL+ALT+DELETE reboots the system: so it has not locked up.
- I just installed this card and have not tried other nvidia driver versions.
- Xconfigurator sets up the config file to use the "nv" driver instead of the "nvidia" driver, and this works! (LCD thru DVI @ native 1600x1200).

So, is there any reason I should attempt to get the nvidia driver to work in place of the stock XFree one, nv?

I won't need to run any 3D games, but I will want good 2D speed for running Emacs, gnuplot, konsole etc, as well as use of the dual-head features of the board and xinerama: does nv support dualhead or will I need the nvidia one for this?

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